Tourist attraction in the villages of Veliko Turnovo

  • 30 май 2017, 07:45
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Villages near Veliko Tarnovo will be included in new and attractive tourist routes. The initiative is launched by Borislav Yordanov -the new manager of the Municipal Tourist Agency "Tsarevgrad Turnov" Ltd.

The aim is to make the whole product, which Veliko Tarnovo and the region is offering to the Bulgarian and foreign visitors, enriched and further diversified.

The mayors and mayors' deputies of the villages in the municipality responded positively to the idea presented to them by Borislav Yordanov during a joint meeting. Each of the local governors will present the cultural and historical heritage, churches, monasteries, natural landscapes, customs, traditions and folklore typical of the region.

On the basis of the collected data, a subsequent meeting will be held in order to specify the creation of touristic routes, including cultural, pilgrimage, rural, culinary and ecotourism. Later on, the new routes will include landmarks from across the region, including neighboring municipalities.