Two Happy Hour sessions in the museums in Aveiro

  • 08 ноември 2018, 17:36
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This November, the City Hall of Aveiro will offer its citizens and visitors two free sessions in the museums. The first of the two sessions, will be on November 8th, the theme will be "The Ceramics at the Museum of the City of Aveiro" and it will begin at 18h00 at the Museum of the City of Aveiro. At this guided tour people will explore some cereamical objects that are part of the collection of the City Museum and which represent the historical roots of ceramic production in Aveiro up to day .

On the 15th of November, " Painted furniture: Living space and new typologies" is the name of the visit at the Museu de Aveiro | Santa Joana, which is scheduled for 18h30.The tour will show the evolution of the civil and religious housing space during the century. XVIII and XIX is done towards the creation of more rich, elegant, comfortable and intimate environment. Such diversification of new typologies of furniture responds to the demands of a new social and economic reality, in which daily life changes profoundly.