UK has allocated more than 118 million Euros on extra ferries in case of no-deal Brexit

  • 17 януари 2019, 18:16
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The UK will spend more than 118 million Euros to charter extra ferries in the event of a no-deal Brexit to ensure vital goods continue to enter the country. The additional crossings are believed to be the equivalent of about 10% of the current traffic on the Dover Strait. The ports in Poole, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Immingham and Felixstowe would be used to ease Dover pressure.

There are contracts awarded to The French operator Brittany Ferries, the Danish company DFDS and the UK’s Seaborne Freight. There are expected 3700 extra lorries a week to travel between the UK and the continent in the event the UK leaves the European Union on March 29, 2019, without a deal in place.

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