Vidin with a new fountain and a clock tower

  • 05 юни 2017, 10:46
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Vidin will have a new fountain, a clock tower, and the central square "Bdintsi" will be repaired. The reconstruction of the central pedestrian zone has began, said the Mayor Ognian Tzenkov. He signed a contract with MRDPW for the realization of the project "Basic reconstruction of the central pedestrian zone". Thanks to that contract the municipality receives BGN 11 399 600 from the Operational Program "Regions in Growth". Its contribution is BGN 554 545. The deadline for the implementation of the project is 26 months.

The reconstruction of the area starts from the Danube River to the buildings of the Dramatic Theater and the Art Gallery. It passes through Bdintsi Square and on "Merchant Street" it reaches the Tsar Simeon Veliki University and the Konak Museum. In this space the flooring will be replaced, as well as the water conduit, mixed household and rainwater sewerage.

There will be a fountain in front of Konaka, the entire area will have green spaces. A mechanical urban clock will also be installed. The zone will be guarded by video cameras, Ognyan Tsenkov added.