Zilina continues with upgrades to local public transport infrastructure

  • 02 декември 2020, 09:30
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The Slovak city of Zilina is expanding the scope of its operations for the regeneration and modernization of its public transport infrastructure. After the first phase of the already-established project was wrapped up earlier this year, local authorities are eager to get back at it as early as April 2021.

Making sure that public transport is both efficient and attractive to citizens

The aim of the reconstruction work, which is divided into several stages, is to restore old, unsatisfactory public transport stops in the city of Žilina, which will increase the quality of transport, will allow for greater passenger safety, and will create accessibility at individual stops.

During the first stage of work, which began in the autumn of 2018 and ended last year, the city modernized 26 public transport stops. The whole stops were renovated, the platforms were restored, and shelters and furniture were installed. The total cost of the investment in the first stage was over 1.5 mil. euros.

Starting April next year, as part of the second stage of work on its infrastructure regeneration project, Zilina City Council will renew five existing stops on Komenského Street in the direction of Hliny, Matej Bel Street in the direction of Hájik and the city centre, and Pod hájem Street in the direction of the University of Žilina and the city centre.

A new stop will also be added at the Hájik housing estate on Hôrecká cesta. Reconstruction work in the estimated value of almost 385 thousand euros is financed by the Žilina self-government from the Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP).

“The renewal of public transport stops is an important project for increasing the quality and comfort of travel in Žilina. I am pleased that we have also succeeded in applying for funding for the second stage of work, and applications for the third and fourth stages are in the process of being approved. In the following years, changes will take place in public transport in Žilina, which will significantly shift the level of travel. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the result will certainly be appreciated by every passenger," stated the Mayor of Zilina Peter Fiabáne.

Source: TheMayor.EU